Benefits of Vibrational Training

Vibration training has undergone a huge amount of research and now the results are clear with proven benefits. Almost 95% of the body’s muscles are used in vibrational training as opposed 40-60% in conventional training. This can result in:

  • Weight Loss
  • Reduction in Cellulite
  • Increase in Muscular Strength
  • Improved Stamina
  • Improved Power
  • Increased Bone Mineral Density
  • Improved Joint Stability
  • Improved Balance and Posture
  • Increased rate of calorie burn
  • Improved body shape
  • Better circulation

Of course, these benefits are over time and with consideration of other aspects of lifestyle and nutrition. BUT it does work if all expert advice is followed.

The greatest benefit in my opinion is a session of only 25 mins twice a week can be the equivalent of a couple of 1 – 1¼ hour sessions in the gym. So, those of you with little time to spare need not despair. This would be a great solution for you. You should hear what some clients are saying after just 2-3 sessions…

Our Vibrogym is situated at ‘On The Limit Gym’, Western Road, Tring.

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“I can really feel my legs have toned and cellulite reduced”
– Diane

“I loved the feeling of a thorough workout in half the time”
– Liz

How it works

The Vibro gym generates vibrations from the platform to the body, which makes the muscles contract and expand approximately 30 times per second, depending on the speed it is on. As a result you reach a fatigue point sooner and your body rebuilds and strengthens muscles much more rapidly. It increases your blood circulation and metabolism at a much faster rate than conventional training and the muscles contract more often in one movement than in the same movement on a static platform. Therefore it takes less time and work to reach your desired goal – burning fat and cellulite for example, at a much faster rate.

History of Vibration Training

Vibration training started in the Russian Space Program and evolved over the years into an effective workout program for everyday people. Russian scientists discovered that cosmonauts that spent extended amounts of time in space experienced significant loss in bone density and muscle tissue due to the lack of gravity. Russian researchers were led to experiment with Vibration Exercise technology, finding that by using this equipment they could not only stop the loss, but amazingly increase bone density, strengthened muscle tissue and much more. Today NASA fully embraces Whole Body Vibration Exercise Technology with much success.

But back to earth…. Our powerplate can really help you lose weight and tone up in less time.