Meet the Team

Karen Lem

Director Vivo Fitness Ltd

After 20 years in coorporate business Karen decided to follow her passion – fitness and wellbeing. Since 2006, Vivo has developed into a holistic and comprehensive source for anyone wanting to feel good about themselves, their health and their body.

Karen has an enthusiastic and infectious approach suitable for all age groups and all goals.

Her real passion is to be outdoors so Nordic Walking an essential part of both her business and personal stay healthy regime.

“You cant beat being out in the beautiful countryside and landscapes of any country in any weather!”


Pam Cooper

I love the outdoors. Although I specialise  in personal training and Pilates Nordic Walking is a particular favourite. Getting out in the countryside and exercising at the same time is a perfect combination. The mix of lots of different ways to exercise and a good healthy way of eating  is perfect for good health and wellbeing. Vivo and Ridgeway Nordic Walking can provide any client with the right solution and such a great team to work with.


Bryony Evans

I LOVE Nordic Walking as it really adds variety to my work. As a Personal Trainer, a lot of my work is gym or home-based, and Nordic Walking appeals to me not only for being outside in the fresh air, but because it is a PERFECT fat burning intensity workout too! I enjoy walking with a group where everyone is chatting away, enjoying the sights and smells of the woods, fields and rolling hills. Nordic Walking has revealed to me so much about myself and others, and I want to share this with as many people as possible. I enjoy it so much, I have now got my mum and dad on board too!


Elizabeth Everington

I came to Nordic Walking after getting well from a life debilitating illness and a desire to walk the length of this beautiful land: Britain. As a lifetime lover of walking, I became very despondent when I was struck down with ME/CFS and told I would never be well enough to walk in our wonderful countryside again.

Thankfully I did regain my health through alternative therapies, and am now a hypnotherapist and life coach working with people to be the best they can be, and an exceedingly proud member of ‘The end to enders’ club of length of Britain walkers since 2013.

NW seems a very natural part of the healing and life affirming process and so I trained as a NW leader. My deepest pleasure in life is walking the hills and countryside of Britain, and as such like to get out there for hours at a time. My walking style is steady over distance, whilst taking a little time to appreciate all that is around us. So if a 2+ hour walk through the Hertfordshire countryside covering approximately 6 miles takes your fancy, then I very much look forward to meeting you and sharing in our beautiful land whilst having a full body workout: what could be better?


Andrew Tallyn

Andrew has a great ability to engage all ages and is really skilled in making workouts challenge every part of the body by expertly adding variety and intensity variations to every session.


Michelle Trueman

Specialises in running and training on spinbikes and can even come and train you and your friends in the pool (if you have one!)


Mel Davies

Mel is a keen Nordic walker as an x nurse realises the importance of healthy living. As a nordic walking leader Mel has an abundant knowledge of great routes and is our expert in the Dunstable downs area.