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Ridgeway Nordic Walking  membership now ONLY £25 a month for over 80 hours of Guided walks a month plus lots more . Lots of locations and varieties of walks plus members only  offers from lovely local businesses.. for more info click here
New Fit and fabulous break – Nordic Walking in Portugal
New areas to enjoy Nordic Walking from June: Aston Clinton, Wendover and Pitsone added to our Nordic walking areas


Do you need to lose weight, feel fitter and have more energy? Would you like to spend more time outdoors in the countryside? Have you set yourself a challenge? A race? Weight loss? Do you simply want to get off the couch and move? Or perhaps a relaxing and invigorating break?

You are at the right place. Vivo Fitness and Ridgeway Nordic Walking have all the solutions… Any Age. Any Goal.

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Would you love to lose weight? Tone up? Have more energy? And just feel great?


Personal and small group training in your home, the studio or outdoors. Including essential Pilates.

Stiff aching muscles and joints? Need to rehabilitate after injury? Done too much (or too little) exercise?

Sports, deep tissue massage and rehabilitation

Get fit, feel fabulous and explore some of the UK and Europe’s most beautiful places.


Fit and fabulous nordic walking and pilates breaks: exercise, sightseeing, relaxation, pampering and fine food and wine